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Broadcast Hut — the New IPTV app for both ios and android device

Recently, here comes out a new app which compatible with both ios and android phone.

Ios App Store Perspective :


Android Google Play Perspective:


The features of Broadcasting Hut Overview :

- Live, Movies, Series & TV Catchup Streaming 

- Support: EPG 

- Parental Control Integrated for each categories 

- Built-in powerful player

- Support: Playing with External Players 

- Attractive & Impressive Layout and More User-Friendly 

- Support: Dynamic language switching


3.How to set the IPTV server on Broadcasting Hut?

Here is login interface, 

You will need to enter your UsernamePassword and Server URL that is provided by your service provider.

For example: 

1. Username: testxe072601
2. Password: 4g6s4654
3. Link: http://stream.iptvesun.com:25461

Set everything like the picture below, 


When you login, 


You can enjoy our IPTV server:


Live TV:






Download Broadcasting Hut: 



The best IPTV server: