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How to Become the IPTV Provider?

The easiest way to get started as an IPTV provider is to leave the technical work to the pros. This way you save yourself a lot of money, risk and frustration.

To start your own branded IPTV service, you only need to focus on one thing: Marketing. You can either set up a website or promote your service through social media.

Now what about the service that you will provide to your customers? You are actually Reselling another providers content, an operating model that is actually very common in the IPTV market.

The way this works is, you buy a certain amount of credits, monthly subscriptions for a certain provider basically. The provider will also set up a portal from which you can then manage your credits, add your customer´s subscriptions etc.

So, for example, you buy 50 credits for 200 USD. Those 50 months worth of IPTV subscriptions you then resell to your clients at 10 USD per month. The difference between what you pay and what you charge is your profit (300 USD). You can also sell yearly subscriptions to increase your credit turnover.

While you may have smaller profit margins than providers sourcing their own content, you can still make a lot of money. And there are many advantages of reselling IPTV:

  • Low investment, you basically buy as you sell
  • No technical know-how required
  • Use existing IPTV infrastructure and content
  • You can easily and almost infinitely scale up if your service takes off
  • Set your own profit margins

So how do you pick the perfect provider to resell?

You basically want a killer product with high reliability to avoid unhappy customers. After all, you are reselling and therefore unable to change the product you are selling. So here are the things to look out for

  • Quality and reliability of streams
  • Availability of different channels from multiple countries
  • Additional services, such as electronic program guide, video on demand, catch-up TV
  • Device compatibility

While I encourage you to try different providers, one of the best services that offer reselling and scores high on the above criteria is IPTVESUNBest of all, their packages are an absolute bargain, allowing you to increase your profit margins.