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How to Use on Mag

When the box is being loaded the main portal screen appears. press remote button “SETUP/SET”

After that click on “settings” and Then press on “System settings”.





Click on “Servers” and Press on “Portals”





In the “Portal 1 name,” line enter the following ” IPTV “ or " Rapid IPTV "
In the “Portal 1 URL” enter the following address “ http://mag.clientportal.link/c/ ” or check your Dashboard.



When all the operations listed above done, then press “OK”.
When the settings are being saved click “EXIT” on the remote control and press option “General”.
In the “NTP server” line enter the following address “pool.ntp.org or us.pool.ntp.org“.for north America
Press “OK” to make the changes saved.



When all the steps listed above are done press ”EXIT” 3 times on the remote control. You’ll be offered the option to reboot the portal. 
Choose option “OK” to make the changes applied.
Wait until the box is loaded. Main portal screen should appear
choose portal 1