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IPTV: a streaming site that pirated Canal +, RMC Sports and beIN Sports was closed



Canal +, RMC Sports and beIN Sports have closed the beinsport-streaming.com streaming site. The platform broadcast content from their live channels illegally. The creators and administrators have been arrested and risk big.

rmc sport bein sport channel
The beinsport-streaming.com streaming site, which hosted pirated video streams from Canal +, beIN Sports and RMC Sport, was closed, announcing the three media groups on June 24, 2019. They won their case after filing a joint complaint with the support of the Association for Combating Audiovisual Piracy (ALPA).

Canal +, RMC Sports and beIN Sports shut down a pirate streaming site
The preliminary investigation conducted by the Cybercrime Group of the Research Section of the National Gendarmerie of Rennes led to the interpellation in June 2018 to the interpellation of the creators and administrators suspected of the platform, which illegally proposed streaming the contents of Twenty pirate sites targeted on matches and sporting events.

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The individuals behind beinsport-streaming.com will be tried at the Criminal Court of Rennes. They paid for themselves thanks to the numerous commercials diffused. In their last 6 months of activity, the sites hosted would have been visited by 500,000 Internet users per month.

"A lot of money has been seized. Among the offenses that can be retained are the offense of counterfeiting in organized gangs, as well as that of aggravated money laundering. The mis en cause are sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 750 000 euros fine, "said the joint statement of Canal +, RMC Sports and beIN Sports. We told you a few weeks ago that sports channels want to impose a law to end illegal streaming. In particular, they ask for tools to be put in place to act more quickly against pages broadcasting pirated content. With the current legislation and administrative slowness, their war is lost in advance without change.