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New APP: IPTV Smarters Player for PC

As we all know, a good IPTV server will also have Apps that can play the service on most any device such as an Android TV box, PC, Smartphone, or even the Fire TV Stick.

For the Smart TV, such as Samsung/LG/Phillip Smart TV, we can use Smart IPTV or Net IPTV, but Smart IPTV is not very stable and it will charge money to active this app, Net IPTV is not stable yet, sometimes it will break the channels suddenly.

For the Android Boxes/ Smart Phones/ IOS Devices, we usually use IPTV Smarters, this app is the best free app for IPTV servers now. Sure, there are some people use Broadcasting Hut on smart phone.

For the PC users, the situation is not very optimistic, because only Vlc Player and Kodi support IPTV servers on PC, but these two apps is not very good, especially the Vlc player, it often breaks the M3u list, bring the bad experience for the users.

But now, it maybe the gospel for the PC users, because the best free app --- IPTV Smarters is support on PC, the process of setting IPTV server is same as the article that we published before.

Click here to check the IPTV Smarters Setup

App Details:

For Example(Test Account)

Username: testxe080601
Password: J4F3D132DFG

Here is the download link:

IPTV Smarter Player for PC

The best IPTV provider: